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CD Price includes custom CD production, a lifetime of free upgrades including major versions, shipping and handling. Download-only price includes two licenses, a lifetime of free upgrades including major versions. No hidden fees whatsoever.

CD's are professionally manufctured and printed, not with stick-on labels.

All FishByte versions require Windows 2000 or Windows XP or higher

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Fish When They Bite

Solar - Lunar Hunting and Fishing Software Download

Free 15-Day Trial

  • FishByte Logo Download FishByte 6.1 Download-only version for $29.95
    • Most anglers and hunters know that solunar charts, lunar tables can tell you what time of a certain day is best for fishing and hunting. Hunting and fishing magazines even publish these moon charts, but those results are usually for a month ahead only, and they are averaged for a state.
    • If you know when to go fishing or hunting, with this fishing software you can plan vacations better, you go out when it's more productive: so you have more time for your family; you can even show skeptical family members that fishing is far from boring: it can be constant action. And, of course, you have more action-packed outdoors trips.
    • FishByte is a solar / lunar software for best hunting / fishing times. Perfect for deer hunting, bass or walleye fishing, duck hunting or goose hunting. Automatic location and weather forecast lookup through the Internet.
    • To see the basic concept and features of FishByte, click here.
    • FishByte has a built-in database manager: it has a database of states, provinces and territories and maintains a list of time zones valid in a certain area.
    • 2 for 1 sale: Price ($29.95) includes a free second licence so you can use it at home and in the office or on your desktop/notebook computer. We want to extend this to all registered FishByte users. Also: lifetime of free registration keys for upgrades.
    • This version adjusts to recent changes in the weather sites, so it can look up weather automatically.

  • D3D Logo Download Digital 3D Photos 1.6 for 24.95
    • Turn your jpeg photos into 3D images or use your digital camera to take actual 3D photos! Needs red-blue glasses (available free of charge).
    • This version features faster loading, contrast and brightness adjustment.
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