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  • The process is simple. Start Digital 3D Photos. Click the "New" Button.
  • An Explorer window will open, and over it, a panel for a left and right picture:
  • Digital 3D
  • Drag and drop a picture into any of the panels and click the OK button. Now the program will sense that you selected only one picture, so it will automatically generate a second one, simulating the view as seen by two separate eyes. At this point there is nothing for you to do; the result will appear soon:
  • Screenshot Before
  • That's all, theoretically. Now it's time to examine the picture through the red-blue glasses. If you find the result pleasing, you can save the image, print it, or save a copy of it as a regular jpeg file.
  • Note: without the red-blue glasses the picture won't make sense!
  • However, not every picture will look 3D at once. It really depends on the individual images. So, you may want to try a bit of fine-tuning. There are two important controls to tune the result: Depth and Swap.
  • The Depth Control (see above), can regulate the distance and position of the red and blue components of the picture. Since we have just created the image above, Depth is 0. Look at the blue and red "ghost images" around the back. They are pretty far. If you apply a different Depth value, you can change it. Look at what a -80 Depth did to the picture:
  • Screenshot After
  • There are no fast rules: try a negative or positive Depth number. Try 40 first and see if the picture is getting better or worse. Then try -40 to compare. Go up to +/-150 if you have to. Experiment! Most pictures will turn out quite good between these values.
  • Note: If you changed the Depth, click the Refresh button to apply the changes.
  • You may want to try the Swap button, too. That's quite drastic, but in certain cases that's what you'll need. You can always swap back if the first version was better.
  • In any case, within a few minutes you'll end up with a usable 3D picture for your album. Then you'll be ready to save it, export it or print it. And next time you take pictures, you will surely want to try the Real Thing: true 3D photography.
























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