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  • The following picture is the very first 3D photo we took to test this program:
  • Screenshot
  • In this case the process starts when you take the pictures. You don't need any special equipment, not even a tripod! We simply took a picture of The Pig, and then we took another picture from the same distance, not even changing the aim of the camera, but moving it a few inches to the right. It doesn't matter whether you move left or right, just move sideways:
      • Camera
  • The distance should not be too big, just 3..5 inches. We actually overdid it, and had to adjust the Depth later, using the program... Some say if you are taking landscape shots, where distances are big, you should move the camera more, maybe a foot. It always pays to experiment!
  • Of course, if you take the two shots, you should not aim higher or lower with the camera between the two pictures. However, if you accidentally misalign the pictures' tops, you can always adjust it later in the program, by setting the Vertical Alignment Control.
  • Now you are ready to upload the pictures to your computer, and open them with Digital 3D Photos. When you select the photos, drag one to the left panel, and the other to the right panel. If you are not sure which should be left and which was right, the program can swap them around later!
  • If you hold a pencil vertically in front of you and look at it with one eye (with the other closed) and then the other eye, you'll notice that, looking through the right eye, the pencil seems to be more to the left. As you look at farther objects, the difference diminishes and then reverses itself. So, you should try the Swap button, to make sure your picture is true 3D. Change the Depth value (and click Refresh) to make sure that you can see the picture as a stereo image without straining your eyes. Try it, it's rewarding!














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